Arsenic and Old Lace

“Joseph Bowen’s Teddy gives the play its one – albeit crazy – element of consistency. He even looks somewhat like Teddy Roosevelt.” –Stephen P. Berczuk, The Tech

The Boys Next Door

“Perhaps the most beautiful moment of the evening comes when Norman Bulansky (Joseph Bowen) and his girlfriend, Sheila (Natalie Brown), dance together. At first they shuffle about without grace. Then the music changes to a classical waltz, and the couple’s dance becomes balletic. They curtsey, bow, and glide about the stage this is bow they see their dance in their hearts.” –Kate Binder, Manchester Telegraph

Richard II

“Noteworthy performances [include] Joseph Bowen’s portrait of the Duke of York.” –Robert W. McDowell, CVNC North Carolina

Cyrano de Bergerac

“Joseph Bowen is properly swooning as the poetaster Ragueneau.” Scott Ross, CVNC North Carolina

She Stoops to Conquer

“Joseph Bowen is a blustery, blathering, good-natured patriarch as Mr. Hardcastle.”  –Roger McBain, Evansville Courier Press 

The Crucible
“…Equity actors Phillip Clark and Joseph Bowen are infuriating, frightening faces of institutional terror as the Rev. Samuel Paris and Deputy Gov. Danforth, driven by a deadly combination of honest initial intentions and personal, political self- preservation to maintain their war on witchcraft, even after it becomes apparent it’s all based on false and misleading intelligence. –Roger McBain, Evansville Courier Press

Votes for Women

“Joseph Bowen (narrator/various voices) is fascinating playing characters with a variety of accents.”—Katy Walsh, Chicago Theatre Blog

Pride and Prejudice

“Bowen and Watson turn solid [and] engaging performances as Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, the parents of five unmarried daughters.” –Roger McBain, Evansville Courier Press

All’s Well That Ends Well
The braggart Parolles, portrayed with a Falstaffian panache by Actors Equity player Joseph Bowen offer[s] some base, ribald, comic relief. –Roger McBain, Evansville Courier Press

A Christmas Carol
Fezziwig and the Ghost of Christmas Present have to be as big and generous as Scrooge is thin and miserly. Joseph Bowen plays both parts with a joyous spirit and a marvelous laugh. –Barry Goldman, The Detroit News

The Millionairess

“…a hilarious Joseph Bowen (Julius) brings his signature bumbly buffoonery as a dubious attorney.” –Katy Walsh, Chicago Theatre Beat

“Joe Bowen nicely creates sagely solicitor Sagamore.” –Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

Monky Business

“Red Barn Newcomer Joseph Bowen brings an amusingly spaceyness to the role. Bowen is especially entertaining during his family discussion with Brother Lee Love [and] during his performance of the song, “People Believed Things Then.” – Carey Ruiter, Saugatuck Local Observer